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A Kid In A Sweetshop

Do you remember being a kid in a sweetshop?… that feeling of impossible choices, for mouth-watering flavours and tongue-tingling sensations? The possibilities for the mix of sweets you could choose, the order you’d eat them in and which one you’d save for last? Bonds celebrate that excitement with a passion! Their mission is to create that wonderful world of wide-eyed wonder every day for like-minded confection connoisseurs!

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Traditional & Trending

Established in 1895 and over 120 years old, Bonds are a Trusted British brand. They have a wide and varied portfolio. Their pick-n-mix range spans from traditional and retro treats through to new and exciting delights. Including lollipops, toffee and fudge, jelly sweets and old-school hard-boiled candies. Whether you’re creating something special for an event or just want the best value on your favourites, simply take your pick!

Relevance to the market

Bonds mix of traditional confectionery and innovative packaging and concepts, makes it a Brand for young and old. Adding a confectionary partner that has a commitment to innovation and quirkiness whilst maintaining a traditional feel was a perfect bedfellow.

Current distribution

Currently available direct via tasteuk.com.au

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United Kingdom