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With a heritage of 200 years, Keogh’s award-winning potatoes & crisps are grown and cooked on the family farm in Ireland. Made with a variety of flavors, using only the best of Irish ingredients – Atlantic Sea Salt, Flame Grilled Irish Steak, Shamrock and Sour Cream, and more. With a focus on ‘farm to fork’, or ‘crop to chip’ – every packet of Keogh’s crisps comes with a Spud Nav detailing where the chips were grown, and who cooked them.

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At Keogh’s, we love a good story.

This is the story of our roots, our farm and our family. From crop to crisp… True Story. The heritage of our farm …True Story. We have many stories about how we make our crisps. The true way. No short-cuts taken. We are always striving for perfection and our notebooks are brimming with new and exciting ideas. This is the ongoing story of Keogh’s.

This is our True Story.

Relevance to the market

Provenance and authenticity are two characteristics that consumers value. The best pasta is Italian, the best rice Indian…. So where would you go to experience the best potato chip in the world, Ireland of course. Lush green fields, natural flavourings, gluten and lactose-free, deli-style straight cut and crinkle cut… Keoghs have mastered the art of chip making. There is always a place for a premium chip with truly unique flavours.

Current distribution

Available in 600 Woolworths stores, independent bottle shops, mid tier and premium supermarkets, pubs and convenience. Also available direct via tasteireland.com.au

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