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Candy for Vegans

Katja makes the tastiest candy without gelatin to consciously enjoy. There are many kinds of candies to choose from, such as sweet candies, sour candies, giveaway candies, yogurt candies, vegan candies and fruit candies. 30 years ago, Katja was the first candy brand to succeed in using 100% natural dyes in all licorice and candies. 100% natural flavors followed 10 years later and we don’t use any artificial preservatives at all. Candy with only natural flavors!

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Gluten-Free Candy

Since the beginning of 2016, all Katja licorice and sweets are gelatin-free. This means that your trusted Monkey Head or Piglet no longer contains animal ingredients, but of course, still tastes just as good as before. And that’s pretty special because this way even more people can enjoy a nice candy

Relevance to the market

As the vegan craze is set to remain and grow, we want to offer Australian Retailers global leading innovation in the confectionary space. The confectionery space enjoyed great growth during covid, however, the sugar tax and the desire for healthier lifestyles are opening a gap in the market for consciously produced confectionery. Katja has been doing it for a long time.

Current distribution

Arriving in 2023.

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