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Tradition & Taste

Although Ballymaloe Foods now sells sauces and relishes to many countries around the world, at its heart, it’s still a small family business. Yasmin is still involved in the day-to-day running of the business and her daughter Maxine is now General Manager and works alongside her siblings, Rosaleen and Sean, to ensure that the brand is constantly innovating and creating new delicious products for the evolving taste buds of relish lovers around the world.

Taste Brand Ballymaloe

The Future of Ballymaloe Relish

The core of the business is still Ballymaloe Relish and its taste and quality have never changed in the almost 100 years since Myrtle Allen first cooked it in her kitchen.

Since 1990 we have grown the Ballymaloe Foods product range from one product to 18 – and we do not intend to stop there! At Ballymaloe Foods, we are constantly innovating and testing recipes to bring delicious new sauces and condiments to our customers.

In the past number of years, we have created new recipes such as Pickled Irish Beetroot, Mayonnaise, Fiery Relish and various Pasta Sauces

Relevance to the market

Gluten-free has certainly grown in popularity over the last few years and seems set to continue as more and more customers decide to remove or reduce gluten consumption for health reasons. We have identified this trend and feel fortunate to partner with world-class tasting relish like Ballymaloe.

Current distribution

Popular in pub menus nationwide and in mid-tier supermarkets. Also available direct via tasteireland.com.au

Taste Brand Ballymaloe Foods

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