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Taste grew out of Taste Ireland. Taste Ireland was formed in 2004 by founder Eamon Eastwood. Dropping the Ireland to the B2B operation was a careful decision, but ultimately enables a wider focus on iconic International food brands.

Eamon came from Cookstown, County Tyrone in Ireland. The Eastwoods were well known business people throughout this part of Ireland and as a young kid Eamon learnt great foundational business skills working in the family stores.

At age 18, Eamon left Ireland for University in Glasgow, Scotland.  In 1998 he undertook an Export Marketing graduate program in New York. Eamon then arrived in Sydney in 2000 as a Backpacker, eager to experience the Sydney Olympic Games.

At this point he was developing a real understanding of living away from home, what immigrants valued and what they missed most from home.

Eamon’s strong community values which stemmed from his upbringing and his love for family gatherings inspired him to create Taste Ireland. Essentially a supply chain operation to transport Ireland’s best loved food brands to Australia for the entire community to share and enjoy.

This vision has now inspired the team to broaden our appeal by offering brands from throughout Europe but not losing that connection to community and family gatherings.


In the early days the niche was solely Irish brands. This has extended to UK and other European brands. We now carefully curate and manage an exciting portfolio of  iconic international and health conscious  food brands.

Unique, innovative and tasty… our range of food brands will delight your customers changing tastes. Join 100’s other retailers in stocking our brands.

The Taste Of Home

Our iconic brands evoke powerful memories of home.  Our job is to develop smart distribution to enable consumers to engage and taste our brands.  Check out our latest brand video, highlighting the emotive connection between our brands and the motherland.  The video informs the listener where to find our brands in the marketplace whilst illustrating the connection to family and connection with home.

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Business is changing constantly; technology, social media, transport, occupations…. one thing we pride ourselves is the ability to create mutually beneficial and lasting relationships. We don’t hide behind technology, we use it to foster strong and meaningful relationships…. have a read below and get in touch. We are very friendly bunch.

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    Pitcures tell a thousand words, our CRAIC team values give you sneak preview of how we operate.  Caring, Resilient, Agile, Innovative & Continual Learner